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If I said that the Corona Virus wasn’t UGLY, I’d be lying. In the mountain town I’m living in, there have been mass layoffs as the local ski resort shut down the slopes in the best interest of public safety for customers, staff and our community. Fear of the present and the future has swept the globe like a pandemic in and of itself.

People all over the world, myself included, are experiencing major financial setbacks, and for some who find themselves living month to month, they don’t know where their next rent payment is going to come from. People have died, and lives lost are lives mourned- no matter what the age.

Lauren, there is enough doom and gloom on the media, why do you need to expound upon it?

Because it’s real life, people’s stories. And I don’t want to shy away from this reality, HOWEVER, I don’t want to dwell on it either. The media is doing an excellent job at thoroughly covering the UGLY aspects of COVID-19, but from the little I know about life, there’s more to it.

Packed into the word life, is the AMAZING, the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. During this world-wide pandemic, I’m absolutely positive there are still AMAZING and LOVELY things going on, and I’m determined to chase them down.

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to direct my attention towards starting a #LIFE podcast to capture the beautiful things that are taking place on this planet in the midst of crises. This podcast will evolve over time, but right now I’m specifically going to be focusing on the AMAZING. In my short thirty-five years of life, I have seen a pattern that seems to be foolproof. During disasters, whether natural or initiated by man, people come together; and more often than not, for the good. I want to highlight these stories; and just a precautionary note- they may lead to a much-needed ab workout (speaking for myself) or bring you to tears (maybe both). So, keep the Kleenex close by, or a hanky if they’re sold out on hand.

The first story will be my own.


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